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Parketarna Jager

Parketarna Jager is a family company located in Slovenia that produces massive and two-layer parquets from various types of wood. In 1995, we began manufacturing mosaic parquet, which we later upgraded with englishe tie and parallel patterns. In 2005, we expended are production programme to massive solid parquet, and later on added two more products: massive country wood flooring and industries flooring.  In 2014, we began manufacturing finished parquet floorings.

We began manufacturing parquet flooring in 1995, and have been expending our production programme of parquet flooring ever since.

We offer the following products on the domestic and foreign markets:

  • two-layer finished parquet (oiled planks)
  • massive country wood flooring
  • mosaic parquet cube, englishe tie and parallel patterns
  • massive solid parquet
  • industrie parquet

Our parquet is manufactured from various wood types; the most common is oak, but our production programme also includes ash, steamed beech, steamed pear tree, cherry tree, steamed walnut, steamed cherry tree, and maple tree.

In our company, we strive for high quality and cost-effective solutions for every home.  In addition to our diverse range of parquet products, we also provide professional installation services with high quality materials.

Give your home a nostalgic, classic, traditional, fashionable, or prestigious air.


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